Friday, February 11, 2011


If I had a house with a garden, I would have no hesitation in getting a dog. I grew up with many dogs in our home, among them many Spitzes, a Doberman, a Pointer (for a while), a Daschund, two from a breed that eludes me now (haha), and my favourite (and final dog) a white Bull Terrier.

I miss having a dog.

I read the Star today and there was an article about dogs and their owners, what having a certain breed may say about you. Haha. Ok.

If I had my way, I would instantly choose either another Bull Terrier or a Beagle. In fact, I momentarily considered buying this really cool Beagle pup from a pet store some time ago, but the fact that I live in a condominium brought me back to reality. Oh well.

Oh by the way, some people have confused the Bull Terrier for the Pitbull, which may have a less than stellar reputation. They are quite different, mind you.

Here are some pictures of the dream dogs:

The first photo is from this website:

They would make great pets.

Now for that house with a garden. Haha.

Jesus be glorified.

This world is spinning faster, to a new disaster

What's with the world?


One of the more decent songs on the radio today (and a lot of songs are rubbish) is 'I run to you' by Lady Antebellum. The lyrics speak volumes about the current world situation.

I am not sure if the 'you' that is used refers to another human being (I think it does because at one point the man sings 'I run to you, girl'), but it would mean a lot more if it referred to God. God is our only refuge in today's world.

Psalm 91: 1-2 declares:

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”

The Bible also clearly says that this world will deteriorate further (Matthew 24, 2 Timothy 3), so the happenings in the world today are really or should not really be surprising.

God is my refuge. I run to Jesus.

Jesus be glorified.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



I am back. I hope this desire to blog continues through the (not so) new year.

A few updates to what has been happening/happened, as a testimony to God's goodness.

1) The 'wall' that I hit is coming down gradually. I am finding joy again in what I do.

2) One step at a time, one day at a time. Walking with some people is not easy, but I find that the journey can be enjoyable. I have been blessed with a small group in Bethesda. Some I have connected with with relative ease, others took a little time; but I thank God for all of them. Walking with people can be very rewarding. Thank you Jesus.

3) Work is progressing relatively well. I am tackling some new things, but with God's grace, time and effort, all things are possible.

The new look for my blog reminds me of John 15, the Vine (Jesus) and the branches (us). Here is to a blessed year where we remain tightly clinging to Jesus.

Jesus be blessed.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keep on

I have hit a wall.

It is a pretty high wall, and one that seems to go on and on for miles.

But I remember from my devotional reading that Life is a Test. By God's Grace I intend, in Jesus' strength to pass that test.

Heavenly Father, only You can bring about changes for the best. Let it be done in Your time.

In the meantime, I am going to keep on and keep on shining.

Jesus be blessed.

Friday, August 06, 2010

(More than) half way mark

2010 is more than half done and it all seems to have just rocketed by.

What has happened in the past 7 plus months?

New Frontiers: first thing's first, the law school (which includes me) of KDU was blessed to move in to our new campus at section 13, near the Rothmans Roundabout. The new campus is spacious, green, newly renovated and did I mention spacious? Haha yes I am a 'spacy' guy (as in I like space, not the kind where aliens come from but where there is a lot of room). I remember coming in to the new campus to select seating places in December 2009 and looking forward to being planted there. Now that I am here, I cannot imagine going back to the older campus, which lacked space (haha). And, with our new campus we have a ''new'' CF too. God is gracious.

Bethsaida: we finally branched out from Bethesda and have been meeting weekly since May (I think). A lot of personal sharing and encouragement and it is less formal now, a lot more like the simple house church that we have heard so much about. :)

Visit to the palace: This may surprise some but I have never been to PutraJaya (as far as I can remember). The Law Society organised a trip to the Appeal Courts and I tagged along, as a so called chaperon. Haha. The building itself is beautiful I must say. Very palatial and posh inside.

Sing: Had many karaoke sessions this year. Really the bug has bitten me. :) Thank you UTas semesters 5 and 6 and OBU semester 4. Also thank you ANC karaokers. :)

Re retreat: Haha, you are reading it correctly, the extra 're' was intentionally done. I have had a handful of retreats this year, to Fraser's Hill (twice), to Cameron Highlands (once) and to Ipoh. It is always a blast to have a retreat with church mates and friends but the thing I notice is that I usually end up more tired after a retreat. Must be the lack of sleep. Haha. Well there are more to come I am sure, but this time I will be keeping my sleep time. :)

World Cup: One of the highlights of this year so far, surely, and one of the most enjoyable. The Oranje should have won (haha, not getting into some kind of debate). I remember the late nights and early mornings, the stuffy mamak and watching some games with dad in front of the telly. I don't think I have quite recovered from the lack of sleep but I did enjoy the Netherland-ic march all the way to the finals. A pity about England though.

Hello and goodbye: Hello Lisa (my old friend), hello Mich and Rach (again), hello Stephen from Ireland, hello Chung En (again). It is always nice to have hellos. But then again we also have goodbyes: goodbye Sabah, goodbye semester 6 UTas, goodbye Sammy boy and goodbye Ming Yue (soon). I will miss you guys. Jesus be with you all.

Answered prayers: My Heavenly Father really provides. He is Jehovah Jireh, my provider. Mom was baptised this year, and I am beginning to know how to listen to God in answer to my prayers and to wait. :) Exciting times ahead.

Gifts to me: A Dell laptop for me at the beginning of the year from the PC Fair. Thank you Roy for accompanying me to get it. Thank you my Heavenly Father for it too. Also I recently got what I had been looking for for some time: a Netherlands 10 Sneijder jersey. :) Cost me a small bomb and some time to wait but it is all good. Thank you Vincent Lee for your time and effort. Thank you my Heavenly Father for the jersey. It is currently hanging next to my 9 Shearer jersey. Haha.

Run, pray, pray more: Runnat 2010 was good, running in the rain, an experience. Haha. The Global Day of prayer was awesome, I know our Father in Heaven is going to do something powerful. The launch of the 40 Day prayer and fast was impactful as well. Pray pray pray. It is the least we as children of the Most High God can do. Our Lord Jesus be glorified.

I think that is about all I will write for this more than half way mark. I know there is more to come and am looking forward to what is in store. My time is in Jesus' Hands so I am secure.

Jesus bless you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Oh Oh Nine

The year is drawing fast to an end. I have waited about a year for this. Every year after Christmas I begin counting down to the next Christmas. :) It is (besides church camp) my favourite time of the year.

In ending the year, I thought it proper to recollect significant events that happened this year (in random order, because I have probably forgotten quite a few, haha) and significant people that I have had the blessing to come across. Here they are (and all glory and thanks to Jesus for them):

Hillsong 2009: 7th - 11th July 2009 (if I remember) found me in Sydney (again). I have been to Sydney three times in as many years and I really give thanks to Jesus my saviour for that. The ticket was itself a miracle (about RM1670 return, bought a few weeks before the conference) and the accommodation was another miracle (Bob and Sue Garrard, Sue whom Yoke Kheng and I met at Hillsong 2008). The conference was a blessing and I learnt from some of God's best servants: Louie, Craig, Chris, Jentzen, Joel and the Hillsong team. Oh and the 'bonus' pictures with my brothers and 'buddies' Joel, Jed and Rubes. :)

H1N1 scare and weight loss (cool): I quarantined myself for about 6 days after returning from Australia as I developed a fever some hours after coming home. Imagine my fear as I am a paranoid guy. I packed and was ready to check in to a hopsital but when my dad called the hopsital they said unless it was serious (coughing, etc) there was no need to check in. I took Tamiflu (just in case) and literally cooped myself in my room the whole time, coming out only to wash up, bathe and wash my dishes. My beloved mom would bring the food to my door and my nephew would ask me why I could not come out. When I finally completed my 'course' one of the things I did was to weigh myself and lo and behold I was 4 kgs lighter. From then on it has been gym and/or pool 4-6 times a week. :)

Run for the Nation: 5 am and some days of training to complete a 5km course in 40 minutes. Running and praying for the nation was something new. Prayer walk with a run ... haha. Thought it was less than possible but all things are possible with Jesus. All glory to Him.

LLM (Master in Law): My 'bachelor' hood has been superseded by my master in Law degree. Haha. I am still a bachelor (albeit a most eligible one ... and I thought I made it Obvious to her). Three years and six subjects later I am now qualified to lecture (haha). All glory to Jesus for walking with me through all those tiring assignments, presentations and exams, and for wisdom. Exams are literally a thing of the past now (for Law that is). :) Plus this was my very first convocation (mine). God has been very good with the salary adjustment too.

Restful Holiday: my trip to Johor was probably my first holiday trip where I slept kau kau. Preferring not to risk going to Singapore at the time or going most anywhere (H1N1, haha), I slept, drank tea, played games on Sahaya's I Phone and slept some more. What a holiday ...

The Little Book that could: JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit allowed me to pocket RM200 from KDU. I won third prize in a book review contest that KDU had organised. It is truly the little book that could. Haha.

Visitors from abroad (angels?): Sarah Yang and the Singapore team, Herr Piero, Janice and Matthew from Singapore (and the USA), the YWAM team and Watchman Ngiam all were God's spokespeople to our campus team, church and I this year. I believe we are in a time of equipping for the labour ahead. Thanks all you guys who have been such a blessing to me (us). Jesus be glorified. And thanks to Piero for all the laughter during our photo taking sessions. Haha.

'Handsomology' instructor: Pastor Victor and Kelly ran the Cross Encounter Camp this year and although it was for the youth, this older youth still learnt and was impacted for God. The time of rest (I think I feel asleep a little while) before The Lord Jesus during the final evening was such a blessing. Handsomology? Just ask Pastor Victor.

Camp 2009: Bethesda (us) was entrusted with the planning of the camp and by God's grace, the camp was a success. We revisited Harvest Haven and had a good time with an anointed speaker: Pastor Joshua Krishnan. I learnt that his son Jason is also a Magpie fan (yeah). The only glitch was the tomato game (haha, Ming brothers ...). Accommodation and food were good, sessions were impactful and it was fun, fun, fun. Jesus be glorified.

Campus Life: My time at the Damansara Jaya campus (KDU) has come to an end and soon we will be shifting to a new campus in section 13 PJ. Many have complained, but I for one am looking forward to it. A new environment is always good (a change can do us a world of good) and right now, I am also listening and waiting for further instructions from Father God about the new campus work there. Amen. Also I am a lot nearer to my old office, LexisNexis Malaysia (Jaya 33). God bless the CF under the capable stewardship of Miss Angeline and Mr Simon and the new president Jennifer.

Campus Life 2: The students that God, Jesus the Lord, has entrusted me with are some of my very favourite. I have known them for some time (since sem 2) and will miss those flying off soon (whether sem 4 or sem 6) but am looking forward to seeing those that remain at least a little while longer. Karaoke anyone? Prawn fishing? Haha. Jesus be blessed in and through them.

Campus Life 3: We have been meeting for more than a year in our Campus Ministry group and there have been progress concerning the oikos list. I thank Jesus for all my co workers (Roy, Aaron, Xiying, Jia Ling, Yoke Kheng and uncle Chris) and oikos and I pray that in the year to come, God will multiply us and continue to shelter us under his omnipotent wing.

David A: my first secular concert of sorts. David Archuleta at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater, packed with young (ho hum) and not so young (wow) alike, girls and guys too. An enjoyable consert (more of a sing a long) from an able performer with a really good voice, whose songs have become some of my karaoke staples. Haha.

Karaoke: Speaking of karaoke, I think it strange that come November to December karaoke seems to be the in thing for me. I could be an addict ... haha. I have been four times in two months already (last year three times I think) with several groups of friends and having a blessed time every single time. For Obvious reasons, I find singing with friends so much fun and boy do we have a good laugh at each other. Haha. Bring it on. Oh yes, I have a membership card too. Haha.

Potty and Lotty: My dear group of FES friends have come through again, we have managed to get through another year of becoming closer and having our monthly (most of the time) dinners and laugh sessions. Thank you guys for making my time with you all so memorable ... and yes, my house ... soon. :) Jesus be blessed.

'Oh man' incidents: My A-level group from CF, a most memorable group this year, my yum cha, Hokkien mee group has given me two things to be thankful for from two less than savoury incidents: (A) Getting conned by a group of youngsters aka supposed 'stolen' laptops. Two of my CF students were accused by some random guys of stealing their boss' son's laptop. Well it was all a con game and they ended up two laptops short. I believe there were angels protecting us that night as no one was hurt. (B) The I Phone that went for a swim: I am still a little apologetic to John for pushing him into the pool when he had his I phone (a gift from his grandfather I think) and was ready to buy him a new one. Thankfully it was repairable. Jesus be glorified for that. :) (C) This is a different "oh man" incident: NUFC was relegated this year ... oh man. But in retrospect it was a good thing for now they are soaring in the Championship after having most of the 'dross' cleaned. Kudos to Chris but I am still waiting for Alan. :)

'We'll miss you' incidents: To the Wongs and the Yus, thank you for making my growing up in church a blessing. I have been encouraged by you, learnt from you, been inspired to walk nearer to God and just been blessed by your love, friendship and food. Jesus bless and keep you all always. I will miss you for sure. :)

I think that is pretty much it, but I am sure I am forgetting some other important things. Oh well, good or bad, God be praised.

Jesus bless you all and thank You Jesus for 2009. May 2010 be even better for Your glory Jesus.

Amen and Amen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Campus

I am excited at what is going to happen.

KDU Law and Business Schools are moving to a new premise, s 13, with a renovated building and the works.

A change will probably do us good, and I for one am looking forward to it. :)

Parking woes? Hmmm ... maybe but I am looking forward to it.

Jams in the mornings and evenings? Maybe but I am looking forward to it.

It is just like when you buy some fish from the store and release them into an aquarium and they roam about exploring the new environment ... I am looking forward to that.

New campus = new opportunities for God as well.

Jesus be glorified.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 am

Would you get up at 345am and run/jog at 5am in a semi deserted area? :)

God in all His goodness can be quite persuasive. All glory to Jesus.

I actually enjoyed myself and the run was quite invigorating. My team mates were excellent as well and we managed to cover the route and pray (at times out of breath) through the prayer cards.

Run for the Nation, which is what about 1200 Christians from all denominations and churches have just done over the weekend, is complete. Hopefully the praying continues, redemptive prayers for our beloved Malaysia and her people.

Signing up next year? Haha. Remember the date 23 May 2010.

All glory to Jesus.